When clients purchase something that is on back-order, we can only ship it once we receive it from our factory. In the past, we could reasonably predict the time frame as to when we’ll receive the items. We’d know when we’d be able to ship items to our clients within 1-2 weeks time frame.

If there were any delays, usually it would be due to delays in production and manufacturing. During production of products there might me a shortage of fabric or we’d need to wait a little longer than expected for zippers or perhaps we’d need a buttons of different colors, etc… Any of these variables could slow down the process for 1-2 weeks or so.

Now, there is another variable that is making it difficult for us to predict the time when we’ll receive our products – that’s the shipping time by shipping carriers from our factory to our warehouse/store. Pre-pandemic times, it was about 2-3 weeks, during pandemic that time increased to 2-5 weeks or so but now it’s 2-7 weeks. These kinds of time frames make it difficult for us to provide accurate estimates as to when we’ll receive our products, so we’re trying to inform our clients to the best of our ability, yet the times we provide are just estimates and they can change.

We’re hoping that everything will go back to normal soon and there will be no additional delays by shipping carrier to deliver our products from our factory to our warehouse/store.

Watch this video for more details: