Just a quick update on what’s going on right now:

– Our new shorts, designs 161, 162 and 163, are in stock now. All clients that pre-ordered them already received these shorts way ahead of schedule. We promised to ship them to our clients mid-June 2020 but shipped them at the end of May/ early June, so that’s the great news!

– New designs: 164, 165 and 166 will become available to our clients for pre-order starting next week.

– Back-ordered items that are due by 15th of June: This is our number one focus right now. We’re receiving new shipments every week, putting all incoming shipments for a 3-5 business day quarantine hold and will start shipping them all to clients asap. The bad news here is that some of the shipments are being delayed and we anticipate that ~ 10-15% of orders will ship in 2nd part of June. We’ll be happy to change items to different items for our clients if needed.