One of the most frequent asked question that asked by clients that purchased any items that are out of stock ( on back-order) is when will those items ship?

We’ll ship those items as soon as we receive them and we will always try to provide as accurate shipping estimate as possible. The estimated shipping dates of back-ordered items is approximate and we provide our best estimate possible; however, it is only about 90% + – accurate. There are variables that are out of our control that may delay the shipping and in some instances allow us to ship the products faster.

2 main variables that we cannot control are:

– Shipping carriers may deliver products faster than average and sometimes it may take much longer than typical.

– Manufacturing: during products production we may run into issues such as we may not have sufficient amount of fabric and need to produce more of it; we may receive wrong type of buttons or zippers for our products and need to request the correct ones to be sent to us, so we can complete the products. These types of mishaps lengthen the time of product manufacturing and may cause delays.

Watch the video below for more details: