After we pre-sell a bundle of 3 new designs, we often offer the same 3 designs for pre-sale but allowing clients to purchase them individually.
When we sell 3 designs as a bundle, it gives us an indication of whether or not these 3 designs are even worth moving forward with and if yes,- how well they’re received by our clients and it also helps us to forecast the future demand on these designs. This data helps us determine the amount of inventory we should produce.
After the bundle sale, we often offer the same designs but individually for these 2 main reasons:
1. To get more detailed data as far as which designs specifically are most desirable, which sizes are selling the most and least and in return, it’ll help us to determine the volume of each design and each size that we should manufacture to meet clients’ demand
2. We understand that some clients may only want 1 or 2 (out of 3) designs, so we’d like to give them the opportunity to pre-order a single pair at discounted price.
This is our way to reward our clients with amazing deals and in return we’re getting a valuable data that helps us make right decisions when it comes to manufacturing new products. Predictability is the key for us, so we can continue running our company financially responsibly, which helps us continue making high quality products while keeping the prices affordable.<
Watch this video below for more detailed explanation: