Selling new arrivals at the discounted price is usually a bad idea. This is the time the company introduces new styles to their clients and expect these new clothing products to sell at the full price. Clients often can’t wait to get their hands on new and fresh apparel, so why Hreski Golf apparel would ever sell new clothing at the discounted price to their clients? It doesn’t make sense to many and our competition thinks we’re nuts for doing that… and they might be right 🙂

Well, in this video we’ll explain you the main reasons why we still choose to pre-sell new arrivals at the discounted price so low that we often pre-sell them at a loss.
These reasons may shock you and we don’t suggest everyone to do it but it works for us and here is why:

Watch this video below until the end to get the full scoop (~ 16 minutes long):

After the “Bundle Sale”, we often offer these designs for sale where clients can purchase these new shorts individually. The main purpose of that 2nd sale is explained here: