When some of our products go out of style or we make changes to them and no longer offer the older version of those products, we need to get rid of those products.

Also, when we used a product once, for instance, for a quick demonstration video or for some pictures, we don’t just wash them and put them back into inventory, – we have to get rid of those too.

So, what do we do with those items that are perfectly fine but simply no longer saleable products?

We choose to do the act that pleases our hearts – Most of the time we donate our products to people that actually need them. There are a lot of people on this planet that just need a shirt or a pair of shorts and they simply cannot afford one. We give it to them. We don’t get a financial compensation for it (we don’t even care to list it as a deduction of any sort on our taxes), we don’t get any kinds of rewards or even a praise for these actions but what we get in return is far more valuable – these types of donations feel our hearts with joy and happiness, put huge smiles on our faces, we feel huge stream of dopamine rush flowing throw all cells of our bodies and we sleep so well at night knowing that we just made someone’s day a little better.

…. and we practice this regularly, practically every day we give something to someone without any expectations of anything in return.

The whole reason we decided to post this article is not to get any praise or brag about how cool we are or get tons of likes on social media. The main reason is the hope that whoever reads this will be inspired to give and promote humanity. Some of us are a lot more fortunate than others and we need not to forget to do as much as we can to help those that are less fortunate.

Give it a try and give something to others: your time, your advise, kind words, money or material things… and see what happens… you might just make a lot more friends and enhance the quality of your life.

Be Well, Be Awesome, Be Happy!