Love the concept of paying it forward? At Hreski, it’s a norm, standard part of our life.
Giving and helping brings a lot of happiness to our lives, so we give unconditionally without any expectations of anything in return very often. There is still something that we get back in return though – when we know that we made someone’s else day better, it warms our hearts. It’s the feeling that’s very hard to describe. You must experience it to understand it and it must be sincere act of giving without any expectations of getting something in return.
So, for a few days we decided to promote the concept of giving.
We’d like to do this together with you. We’d like to give something to you, so in return you can pay it forward to someone else you care about.

See the video below about why we’re doing it and how we’d like to pay it forward to you. This is ~ 20 minutes video. If you prefer to watch the short version of it (only ~ 7 minutes), please watch the 2nd video below:

This short video explains how you can take advantage of our paying forward to you and supporting your own paying forward to someone you care about:

The rules are simple:

1. Pick any one item that is not on sale and add it to cart
2. Enter Coupon Code: pif50
3. Billing Details: Put your info
4. Shipping Details: Put info of the person to whom you’d like to send the item your selected
5. Checkout

That’s it! We’ll ship the item of your selected to the person of your choice and we’ll tell them that this is the gift from you!

Let’s Do This Together!