We’re super excited about the launch of 3 new designs golf shorts.
Hreski 161 – Sports Cars Speed Racers Golf Shorts Design
Hreski 162 – Abstract Gouache Painting Golf Shorts
Hreski 163 – Abstract Ornaments Golf Shorts

We’re making them available for purchase to our clients now and they’ll become available in our store sometime Mid-June 2020.

All 3 golf shorts designs are very different and unique in their own way.

Design 161 is for fast cars lovers. Many people love fast and exotic cars, so this designs is for them.

Design 162 is a very unique and abstract painting design. These golf shorts are perfect for folks that like abstract and artistic designs

Design 163 golf shorts have designs of various ancient symbols and ornaments. Absolutely stunning look, certainly very unique shorts designs that we’ve never seen anything like it before on any of the apparel.

Below is our pre-launching video that demonstrates the shorts and all the changes we made to them: