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Finally, 3 new designs are in-stock now and we’re super excited about all the improvements we’ve implemented in these new shorts!

During the late autumn of 2019 and this winter our number one focus was to improve the quality of our products. We listened to all of our clients’ feedback, read all the comments, checked most of our competitors’ products with the sole goal of making our products the best on the market.

Here are the improvements we’ve made to these 3 new designs (Design 158, 159 and 160):

Designs 158, 159, 160

In this video we’ll show you all 3 designs and improvements made to them =>

You wanted better quality fabric? ✔️

Generally, our clients loved the fabric we used in the past; however, many of you kept suggesting that the fabric was too thin and you’d prefer slightly thicker fabric that is also a little more stretchy. We went through dozens of different types of fabric to find the best material that is most suitable for our shorts. We picked top few fabrics, made sample shorts and continued getting feedback. The fabric that received the highest amount of votes is being used for our new designs.

Elastic Waistband? Done ✔️

Our shorts fit true to size; moreover, our waist size may fluctuate. Let us explain: with added inner elastic waistband, our new shorts can adjust up to 1-1.5 sizes up (size 34 will stretch up to 36-37; size 36 will stretch up to 38-39, etc.). The shorts are so comfortable, you may want to wear them on and off the golf course, just like so many of our clients do.

Inner Rubber Non-Slip Gripper. ✔️

We added a silicone rubber non-slip gripper to the inner part of the waistband to help keep the shirts tucked in.

Signature Large Pockets. Done ✔️

We kept our signature large pockets deep enough for the comfortable storing of the latest smart phones that got larger over the years.

Take a closer look at all 3 designs:

Design 158

Blue Dots on Red Polka Design Golf Shorts

Design 159

Nesting Squares Design Golf Shorts

Design 160

Toucans and Flamingos Tropical Design Golf Shorts

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