Hreski 128 – Shorts

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Men’s Shorts

Explosion of Colors Design

Order your shorts today before they’re sold out.

Here are the 2 other Special Designs: Yellow Paisley Design and Tropical Fruits Design

30 Day Return/Exchange Policy

Q: Why are you selling this pair of shorts at a 1/2 price?

A: This is our good deed of the day (and every day). Our goal is to get these shorts in as many hands as possible, even if we won’t make any profit at all. We wanted to lower the price on this design as low as we could, so anyone can afford to purchase a pair.

Q: Is that the only pair I can get for this price?

A: No. There are 3 designs that are available at this price. Here are two other designs: and

Q: Are they of a less quality comparing to other shorts on your website?

A: Nope. Exactly the same material and craftsmanship used to make these shorts as all other shorts we make.

Q: Are they not desirable and do not sell well at full price, so you’re trying to sell them for cheap?

A: Nope. They are one of the most desirable designs we have and they’d sell very well for a full price (it’s not a fad. We tested it). Usually companies discount certain products when they do not sell but we will be different: – We’d like to take a step forward toward our clients first by giving them the best product while making little to no profit. This is our way of showing you that we care and for you to see that our products are extremely comfortable, made from high quality material, well manufactured, feel very pleasant and luxurious to the touch and most importantly they put a lot of smiles on our clients’ faces and other people that see you wearing this design.

Q: Where are they shipped from and how soon can I expect them if I order today?

A: They’re at our warehouse in California. They ship within 1 business day (often the same day if purchased in the morning). Typical shipment time is 2-3 days (faster if expedited shipment purchased)

Q: Can I return them if I don’t like them?

A: Yes! You can return them and get full refund within 30 days (for any reason. if you’re unhappy, we’re unhappy and will refund your money). 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Hreski 128 – Shorts
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