Preparing For New Hreski Golf Shorts Designs 164 165 166

We’re now preparing for a launch of 3 new designs: Designs 164, 165 and 166 We’ll start offering these designs to our clients first and they’ll become available for sale very soon. We just received the samples of complete products, inspected them all and are very delighted with the quality of these golf shorts. Next […]

Launching Designs 161, 162, 163 – Hreski Golf Shorts

We’re super excited about the launch of 3 new designs golf shorts.Hreski 161 – Sports Cars Speed Racers Golf Shorts DesignHreski 162 – Abstract Gouache Painting Golf ShortsHreski 163 – Abstract Ornaments Golf Shorts We’re making them available for purchase to our clients now and they’ll become available in our store sometime Mid-June 2020. All […]

The real benefit of giving is….

There is a big difference between giving something with expectation of receiving something in return and giving something without any expectations. In business world it is very common that when someone gives you something, they expect something in return. Vendors may give gifts with the hope that the company will continue doing business with them […]